Why You Should Take Advantage of Free Advertising

I’m always surprised when people starting a business don’t take advantage of free advertising. Of course your social media page is free, but there’s but so many post you can do before you need to change your strategy. I remember when starting The Insiders Book Club, at the time I had “Free promotion Friday”. For about a month, I advertised this promotion daily. However at the end of the promotion, only two people total responded. Was free too expensive? 

As an business owner myself, I try to make my marketing plan as cost effective as possible. Needless to say, free isn't too expensive for me! So anytime I see “tag an business owner”, “drop your logo”, or anything to do with my business, that’s exactly what I do. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Also, never judge a person/company by the amount of followers you “think” they have. The Insiders Book Club has a high volume of traffic to our website daily, however you may not think so by our social media pages. 

Let’s do the math on the situation. As an business owner, the point is to target new customers for your product. If you're only posting on your page, it’s likely that your audience have already purchased something from you. But eventually, they move on looking for something new. So, unless you're pushing a new product, this strategy of marketing becomes a moot point. That’s why it’s important to attract new customers.

Bottom line, taking advantage of a free promotion only helps your business in the end.  So ask yourself, is free too much to spend toward your marketing budget?